Air Filter Element
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Air Filter Element

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Code: ARF038 PLU: 28684 EAN: 5057645325284 Brand: CMPO Country/Region of Manufacture: China Features: Easy Installation Gasket Material: Paper Items included: Air Filter Machine Type: Scooter Manufacturer Part Number: ARF038 Manufacturer Warranty: 12 Months Material: Paper No: No Performance Part: No Reference OE/OEM Number: 140200197 Type: Air Filter Unit Quantity: 1 Unit Type: Unit Universal Fitment: No

Just like human beings, motorcycle engines need clean air to run efficiently. The air filter, therefore, plays a vital role by filtering out the dust, dirt, and debris as the air is sucked into the engine. Without it, the contaminants would cause incomplete combustion, increased fuel consumption, and a smoky exhaust system.
The pollutants would wear down key components like the engine pistons and the walls of the cylinders, leading to expensive motor repairs.

Manufacturer Model Diagram
Lexmoto Diablo 50 Euro 5 [LJ50QT-9M-E5] View parts diagram
Diablo 50 [LJ50QT-9M] View parts diagram
Echo+ 50 Euro 5 [LJ50QT-6L-E5] View parts diagram
Echo+ 50 [LJ50QT-6L] View parts diagram
Nano 50 [LJ50QT-N] View parts diagram
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